Johann Kuhnau – Musicalische Vorstellung einiger biblischer Historien (Richard Apperley)


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Performed by Richard Apperley on the Flentrop organ, St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Wellington, New Zealand.

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Audio samples
An extract from ‘The combat between David and Goliath’.
This movement depicts the battle between David and the giant, the slingshot being fired and Goliath staggering to his death.

Extract from ‘The combat between David and Goliath’ by RichardApperley

An extract from ‘The tomb of Jacob’.
Earlier in the sonata Jacob tells his sons he is dying and blesses them, and after his death his body is taken from Egypt to the land of Canaan. This movement depicts his burial, and the sorrow of those present.

Extract from ‘The Tomb of Jacob’ by RichardApperley

About the music
The sonatas (published in 1700) are rarely performed or recorded, but are tremendously exciting and pictorial works. Kuhnau employs a vast array of styles and forms to achieve this – including battle scenes, music representing the depths of despair and even a figure to depict the pebble fired from David’s slingshot hurtling towards Goliath, followed by the giant staggering to his death

They are based on six stories found in the Old Testament:

  • The combat between David and Goliath
  • The melancholy of Saul assuaged by means of music
  • The wedding of Jacob
  • Hezekiah’s illness and restoration to health
  • Gideon the saviour of the people of Israel
  • The tomb of Jacob

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Producer – Kyle Macdonald
Engineer – Reuben Moore

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